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Remittance – Send Money Abroad

In the current global age, there is hardly anyone who is not directly or indirectly engaged with an international person or entity. There are a large number of Indian businesses that need to transfer money abroad for their business transaction as well as individuals who make international money transfers or remittances for the purposes of education, medical, travel etc. At WorldOne, our primary aim is to make this process of international money transfer simple, seamless, efficient and cost-effective for your consumers. We strive to provide the best foreign exchange rates so that you get the best value for your currency remittance. 


WorldOne Forex arranges 16 types of non-tradeable remittances allowed by RBI. These include Student remittances for University and student personal accounts, maintenance, tour operator remittances, medical treatment, and immigration. WorldOne has a “minimum documentation-outstanding rates” policy for all types of remittances.