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Travel card

Multi currency forex card in India

During any international travel, a forex card is the safest and the most convenient way to make foreign currency transactions. A multi currency forex card is simply a prepaid card that you can load with a predefined amount of foreign currency. You can load upto 14 currencies in this card which makes it ideal for anyone who will be travelling to multiple countries and may require different currencies. You will never need to worry about carrying different foreign currency notes since you can use your forex card to not only make payments but also to withdraw money from any ATM. In case you run short of funds, the forex card can be reloaded by us on a very short notice and you would never be stuck due to lack of currency.


The forex cards also offer a significant level of safety and security. In case the card is lost, it can be blocked with a single call and the balance on the lost card can be transferred to the replacement card on short notice.


We offer the best foreign exchange and forex card services in most major cities in India with quick processing and transparent rates.